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May 6, 2017 | 0 comments

Was Your Estate Plan Designed Just for You?

Perhaps you already had an estate plan drafted for you that includes all the proper documents including a Revocable Living Trust, Pour-Over Will, HIPPA Release, Durable Power of Attorney, and an Advance Healthcare Directive. Further, perhaps the funding was completed and deed preparation and filing for your real estate was done so that your home is titled in the name of the trust. Or perhaps you are considering getting this in order. Fantastic. I’ll bet you don’t want an experience where you are handed an estate plan and you have no idea what it says, and feel like it was simply a product dropped in your lap. That’s not so fantastic. Let me tell you something: if you don’t think your wishes will be carried out, or weren’t even asked about your wishes during the process, your estate plan is probably not what you were hoping for. Ask yourself some questions about what you would like done if you are incapacitated, and what you would like to happen after you are gone. Perhaps baseball is your thing and you like to make sure some of your money is used to buy tickets and get you out to some games each year if you are incapacitated somehow. Or maybe you are taking care of your mother and you’d like to make sure she continues to receive support even if you are incapacitated. For me, my German Shepherd is hugely important and I want her taken care of if I die before she does. Here’s one I bet we all want – that we be cared for in our own home as long as possible instead of put into a nursing home.
Why I am different
If you’d like a truly custom Estate Plan, and not a “fill in the blanks” style product that you don’t really understand, consider calling me. I always include a review of all of the documents that I prepare and sit with my clients for as long as necessary and explain each line if necessary to make sure my clients get what they expect and what they want. I think we all have things that are important to us, and perhaps you didn’t know that these kinds of wishes could be accomplished. They can. Your Estate Plan, your Living Trust, is a powerful document. Let’s make it a truly customized and powerful document that is all yours and not just a commodity. Call me and let’s create yours today. If you already have a plan, I’m happy to review all of your documents and make changes to reflect your wishes. Get it done, then breathe easier! Thanks for reading. See a lot of helpful estate planning information on my website at: www.myestate-plan.com My most important job is to listen to your wishes then suggest solutions. Call today and let’s start planning! I always answer my own phone, and I even make house calls! Thanks for reading! Dan Powell 619-980-2297 ****Reminder**** Just like my website, nothing in this blog is intended as legal advice. If you need legal advice, contact an attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. I am licensed to practice law in California. Further, please remember that I speak in generalities in my blog (and on my website). There are so many different factors that can contribute and completely change the outcome that it would not be practical to discuss all of them here. This is why I speak in generalities. Thanks again for reading. ****************
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