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About William Daniel Powell and My Estate Plan

William Daniel Powell is an attorney in San Diego California. He graduated from Western Sierra law school and was valedictorian of his class in 2013. Mr. Powell also works as a tutor helping students prepare for both law school exams as well as the bar exam. Moreover Mr. Powell is also writing books and study aids on various bar exam subjects. He feels uniquely qualified in this endeavor due to his success on the many exams he had to prepare for and take to become a licensed attorney; he passed every exam, including the bar exam, on his first attempt.

Early law career

During the second year of law school Mr. Powell interned for a family law attorney; and during the last two years of law school Mr. Powell worked as a legal assistant for an attorney whose focus is on wills and trusts (collectively known as estate planning).

Very early in his working life Mr. Powell created his first company and has been an entrepreneur ever since. Even while working for others Mr. Powell usually had some business venture that he was pursuing. In the late 1990s Mr. Powell started his own custom home theater installation and high-voltage contracting company servicing customers in Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, La Jolla, and San Diego. Within two years he had grown the company to over 1.2 million in sales annually while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. He and his business partner sold the company in 2005.

Christianity and my law practice

I am a California attorney. As an attorney I am required by California to conduct myself and my practice of the law according to certain rules. The source of some of these rules come from the Rules of Professional Conduct, and the Business and Professions Code. I happily follow these rules because they are designed to improve the practice of law and provide ethical guidelines which also helps to improve how we attorneys are perceived.

I am also a Christian. As a Christian attorney I strive to conduct myself and my business according to Biblical principles. Further, I seek to glorify Jesus Christ in what I do. Therefore, as a Christian attorney I am bound by the rules of California as well as the Bible. I am not saying I am better than any other attorney that does not hold the same beliefs as I do; that is not the purpose of me telling you about this aspect of my practice. So why am I telling you about this aspect? Because I think it is important to give thanks and recognize the source of all of the rules that I follow. We can profess our beliefs and love of Jesus with pride while following the law of the land, as well as those of the Bible.

The purpose of My Estate Plan

Mr. Powell, (Dan to his friends) created My Estate Plan to provide clients and potential clients with a vast resource of knowledge, insight, and understanding. He created MyEstate-Plan.com to mirror his method of practice which is simply “put the client first”. Attorneys are fiduciaries to their clients which means they are to put their client’s needs and interests ahead of their own. As a matter fact, in order to obtain this result some representation must be declined because sometimes it’s just not the right fit. Mr. Powell believes that sometimes the best way to serve a potential clients interest is to decline representation and provide that potential client with the referral to another attorney who would better fit with the objectives of the client. The goal of My Estate Plan is to educate and prepare potential clients in the area of estate planning.

Estate planning to meet your goals

With information contained within this website about wills, trusts, and other estate planning instruments, clients will have a better understanding of the process and different methods of estate planning and will be better prepared to describe the goals they wish to carry out with their particular estate plan. This will help refine and streamline the process so that the client gets outstanding legal service without unnecessary costs. This will help Mr. Powell in his goal of forwarding the legal profession by providing excellent legal service and creating happy clients.

Music Publishing

Mr. Powell is also involved in music publishing after having retired from his touring band to go to law school. His music has been used in film and television including such shows as “Person of Interest”, “Criminal Minds”, “America’s Book of Secrets”, ABC Family’s “Make it or Break it”, Cinemax’s “Banshee” and others. Music has been a lifelong passion of Mr. Powell’s.