Does my Car go into my Living Trust?

Does my Car go into my Living Trust? (1)

Does my Car go into my Living Trust?


Technically speaking, your automobile can go into your Revocable Living Trust, but I don’t usually recommend it.  I don’t usually put cars into Trusts for two reasons.  The first is that we tend to buy and sell cars more frequently than other “big ticket” items.  The second and more important reason is that should you get into an accident and the other party sees that your car is owned by a Trust, they may see dollar signs and look to sue in a situation where they otherwise may not.  Generally, people (married people) tend to keep their cars in both spouse’s names, so transferring the car is not difficult.


There is an occasion that I would recommend putting an automobile into a Living Trust, and that is when someone owns a special car such as a collector car, classic car, hot-rod, or other car that they plan on keeping for life.  


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