ILIT - Who should be the Trustee and Beneficiary

ILIT - Who should be the Trustee and Beneficiary (1)

ILIT Trusts – Who should be the Trustee and Beneficiary?

Likely the most important thing to know is that the insured should not act as the Trustee in order to preserve the Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts benefits.  If the insured’s spouse is also an insured and not the beneficiary, he or she could serve, or even perhaps an adult child, however whomever is chosen must have the time and sophistication to manage the ILIT Trusts responsibilities.  When policy premiums are due, the Trustee must send out Crummey Letters (from the case of the same name), wait the required amount of time, then pay the policy premium.  The Trustee also must file tax returns manage the ILIT’s bank account if necessary.



Who can be the Beneficiary of my ILIT?


Basically anyone you choose can be the beneficiary of your Irrevocable Trust.  Of course most people normally select their children or other loved ones. 


Can’t I just Name Someone else as the Policy Owner Instead of Creating an ILIT?

 Well, the problem with this method is similar to the problems that are created if you put your child’s name on the deed to your house to avoid estate planning.  One problem is that if your child passes away before you do, the value of the policy will be included in the child’s estate for federal estate tax purposes which may be a problem.  Also, you will lose control over the policy and the child can cash the policy out, cancel it, or even change the beneficiary to another without even having to ask you.  Creditors may even have access to the policy should the child get into trouble. 



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