Trust Amendment or Trust Restatement?

Trust Amendment or Trust Restatement? (1)

What is a Trust Amendment?  What is a Trust Restatement?



So what is an Amendment to a Trust?


What is a Trust amendment?  An amendment to a Trust is simply where one makes a change of a provision or provisions to their Trust.  This may include where the Trustor wants to add a beneficiary like where there is a new grandchild to the family.  It can also include changing a gift to a beneficiary, removing a beneficiary, or changing how the beneficiary is to receive the gift.  There is one requirement to amending a Trust and that is that the Trust must allow such changes.  Revocable Living Trusts, or sometimes Revocable Trusts, or Living Trusts are by design amendable.  Irrevocable Trusts such as ILIT’s (Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts), or Special Needs Trusts are just that – irrevocable.  These kinds of Trusts are used in specific circumstances, and you can read about them in my blog.


What is a Restatement of Trust?


A Restatement of Trust is basically an amendment of the entire Trust, even if it is just to change one provision.  This is better than re-drafting the entire Living Trust especially if the Trust is “funded”.  If the Trust is funded, you don’t need to create a new deed to the house and notarize and record it with the city.  Nor do you need to change any account that are held in the name of the Trust. 


Why do some Attorneys prefer a Restatement to an Amendment?


The answer to this question lies in the answer to another question – who drafted the original Trust?  Normally if you go to a new attorney, they will prefer to do a restatement.  You see, the last attorney to make a change to a Trust takes all of the responsibility for any defects in the Trust document.  Even if the new attorney only changes one word.  Now, the new attorney can read and analyze the entire document, make any updates required, make the changes you have requested, and bill for the time.  Or, simply restate the Trust with your changes and likely save time and money for you.


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