Why an Advance Healthcare Directive Takes Stress Off Your Family

Why an Advance Healthcare Directive Takes Stress Off Your Family (1)

Creating an Advance Healthcare Directive Shows Your Family You Love Them



A friend of mine relayed a story to me the other day.  He said his father told him “your mom doesn’t have the stomach for it, so you’ll have to decide whether to pull the plug on me.”  I thought to myself that this position is either not well thought out, or kind of chicken!  Likely just not well thought out and fairly innocent knowing his dad.  I think most people would fall into this category because most folks don’t like to think about their own demise, or just don’t think all the way though the scenario.  If you have been around a situation like this, it forces you to consider the impact on the survivors. 



In another situation I was in, a member of my family passed, and the hospital kept calling to ask if we would allow a retina donation.  Apparently time is of the essence, and they have to obtain the retinas fairly quickly or it is of no use.  I don’t fault the hospital, but consider what that does to the family that is grieving. 



If you answer these questions for your family in advance, you remove the stress, guilt, and potential fighting among family members.  Think about this – if you have an Advance Healthcare Directive filled out, then if the hard decisions come up, the call has already been made, and the family doesn’t have to stress about it and can say “that’s what dad wants” no matter what the decision is.


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