How Much is California Estate Tax

How Much is California Estate Tax (1)

Wednesday, 06 April 2016 00:24

California Estate Tax

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California Estate Tax


Does California have a Death Tax, Gift Tax, or Inheritance Tax?


The most simplified answer is that California does not have a gift tax or an inheritance tax.  However, as always, there are factors that affect the analysis.  Income in the form of an inheritance - be it from a Revocable Living Trust, a Will, or an Irrevocable Trust for example - may be taxed if the money given should have had taxes paid on it by the person giving the gift.  This is called Income in Respect of a Decedent.  This may be money received by the decedent that he or she has not had a chance to pay taxes on due to their death, or certain retirement plans or accounts.  California does technically have a Death Tax, but as of 2005 it has been effectively eliminated. 


Certain California rules still may be applicable to Gift and Death taxes depending on the date of a person’s death.  Also, there may be other reasons a tax may be imposed, depending on the situation.  As usual, please consult an attorney or tax professional for advice on your particular situation.


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